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SpeleoBase FAQ

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The Cave Explorer's database


SpeleoBase is more than a database!  It is a ready-to-use Windows-program; easy and intuitive. It offers you a central management of all your caves.  It is freeware, using it does not cost you anything (but a "thank you" is always appreciated)

What can you do with it?

  • A record of a cave contains more than 50 different fields, ranging from the classic "name and place" fields to entire bibliography or rigging information.
  • Cave table that can be arranged and sorted in different ways.
  • Filter the cave table on different (combinable) criteria.
  • For every cave, you can keep links to your images, which you can open or edit from within SpeleoBase.  
  • For every cave, you can keep links to your surveyfiles, which you can open or edit.
  • For every cave, you can keep links to all kinds of documents (Word, PDF, MPEG etc) and even to Internet websites!
  • A powerful search-engine is built-in and will allow you to search on any keyword.
  • You can print-out detailed records of a cave, or listings of a series of caves, in the same order and according the filter criteria of the overview on screen.
  • You can email the record of a cave, with or without all related images and documents attached.
  • You can create export files that are compatible with GPS-navigation software or even Google Earth
  • You can import or export caves from other SpeleoBase users or from delimited text files
  • etc...

SpeleoBase runs only on Windows-platforms.   You can download, install it and try it. If you don't like it, just use the  "uninstall" icon and your PC will be as clean as it was before the installation.

Click here to see some screenprints!

Click here for the infamous SpeleoBase FAQ!



Attention: if you already have an existing version of SpeleoBase, then you MUST install in the same folder as before. No panic: your caves will not be touched. So take good care not to install in a new folder!

Also, I recommend that you make a backup copy of the entire existing SpeleoBase folder (e.g. on a CD-rom or in a temporary folder) before installing the new version.  If things go wrong, contact me please before experimenting too much with the risk of messing things up and loosing your caves

SpeleoBase is free, but to encourage me to continue developing this program, and to cover my expenses, a small donation of 25 Euro would be much appreciated. You can transfer this money by using Paypal, to my email address paul.de.bie AT skynet.be

If you are a SpeleoBase user and you want to be informed by email about future versions, then drop me a mail please.

Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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