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Chantoir de RONSOMBEUX - Durbuy (No. 21)


Province:  LUXEMBOURG  
Locality:  Ozo, DURBUY
Coordinates: X=235,192   Y:119,03   Z=236m
Map: 49 5/6Entrance of Ronsombeux
Coming from Villers-St-Gertrude, take the road to Izier, cross the bridge over the river Pont-le-Pretre, continue to climb in direction of Izier.  875 m. before the road joins the road Bomal-Izier, park your vehicle at the crossing of a small hollow road.  Take the left part of this small road and continue by foot.  The road traverses a forest, and then descends into a prairie.  Continue into this prairie, keeping left.  You will then meet a series of sinkholes, and a bit further at the extreme left edge of the prairie the entrance of the cave. It is a big green steel door, horizontal onto the bottom.

The cave has been the theatre of several digs by caving clubs, such as the Brussels club "ASUB".  The original name of the cave was "Chantoir de l'ASUB".  It was however the Groupe de Recherches  Spéléologique de Comblain au Pont (GRSC) who managed to get into to cave, after heavy works in 1992-1993.  

The cave is closed with a solid "UBS-door".  You will need the UBS-key to get in.  Contact the Union Belge de Spéléologie.

Take care not to walk in the woods, and DO NOT visit the cave when there is a hunt going on (the relationship with the local hunters is very precarious!). 

Length: 488 m,  Depth: -62m

Little Ellen  De Bie in the 20 m. pitch!The first 4 metres of the cave have been very well stabilized with hollow concrete bricks.  A fixed ladder allows you to go down easily.   After a bit of crawling, a steep and slippery rift must be climbed down (3 m. deep).
Then a very nice 20 metre pitch follows, with a balcony halfway down.  The rock is very black,  but unfortunately the concrete that has been abundantly used to make the foundations of the entrance, has leaked into the pitch.  The rock has been stained with concrete over the entire 20 m of the pitch... a real pity!
At the bottom of the pitch, you arrive in a rather big volume.  You can go down a steep slope one side (South), that ends around -43 m (trace of an important dig: steel cable, buckets etc..).  At the other side (North), you reach another balcony .  A small pitch (5 metres) gives access to the "Vestiaire".  This zone is rather complex  (boulder choke), the obvious but wrong way leads dwon but in fact you must stay high enough and search for a passage between the boulders.  You then traverse through a boulder choke until you find a descending passage between boulders, that gives access to the "Fossil River".  This is a horizontal level of the cave, situated around -45m.   The passage is low, some flakes of water can make it pretty muddy. Warning: in case of heavy rain, the lower parts of the cave can flood up to here!).  Near the end of this gallery, you can go down (no rope needed) a 10 metre deep rift that leads to the terminal sump of the cave, at -62m.

Entrance pitch: 35 m rope, 5 carabiners
Small pitch above Vestiaire: 8 m rope and 2 carabiners

Nice and sporting cave, offering some SRT-possibilities which is rather exceptional in Belgium!

A complete visit takes about 4 hours.

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