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THE BELGIAN CAVE GUIDE: 25 classic trips

The caves that are presented in this guide, are NOT necessarily the BIGGEST, DEEPEST or MOST BEAUTIFUL caves in our country. One of the most important selection criteria was the accessibility of the caves. This means that all caves listed below, are freely accessible, or you can easily and quickly obtain permission to visit them. As a result, caves such as Hotton, Fontaine de Rivire, Vilaine Source etc... (all splendid caves), where you'll have to wait at least 6 months up to 1 year before getting permission, are not listed.
All caves listed represent (in my eyes) a certain interest: sporting cave (e.g. Chawresse), geology (e.g. Trou Ozer), nice formations (Galerie des Sources) etc. Of course, assembling a list of "classic" Belgian caves is always an arbitrary thing. Therefore, don't consider this guide as being complete: it isn't!

  Name Lenght
(in m)
Difficulty Ropes Through-Trip Nice
1 BEAUMONT (Abime de) L: 492
D: 59
medium yes yes yes
2 BERNARD (Trou) L:960
medium to difficult yes no no
3 BERON-RY (Chantoir) L:>2927
medium yes no yes
4 BRETAYE (Système de) L: 1726
D: 30
very sporting and wet no yes yes
5 CHAWRESSE-VERONIKA (Système) L:>3500
difficult yes yes no
6 DURY (Chantoir) L: 386
D: 77
medium yes no no
7 EGLISE (Trou de l') L:1065
easy to medium no no yes
8 ENFER-FISSURES (Système) L:979
medium yes yes no
9 FOSSE AUX RENARDS (Chantoir de la) L: 380
D: 58
easy no no no
10 FRESNES (Réseau de) L:3838
medium no no medium
11 HAQUIN (Trou d') L:1704
easy to medium no no some remains
12 HEINRICHS (Grotte) L: 588
easy yes no yes
13 KIN (Chantoir de) L:604
difficult (very wet) yes no no
14 LAIDE FOSSE (Chantoir de la) L:800
medium some no no
15 MANANTS (Trou des) L: 500
D: 65
medium yes no yes
16 MANTO-ST.ETIENNE (Trou ) L:626
easy yes yes some remains
17 NOU-MAULIN (Trou du) L: 1606
D: 37
easy yes yes no
18 OZER (Trou) L: >500
D: 66
medium yes no no
19 PERSEVERANCE (Grotte) L: ?
D: 87
medium yes no no
easy yes no no
21 RONSOMBEUX (Chantoir de) L: 488
D: 62
medium yes no no
22 ROUGE-THIERS (Chantoir de) L:684
medium yes no no
23 SAINTE-ANNE (Grotte) L:1542
D: 35
easy no no some remains
24 SOURCES (Galerie des) L:1890
medium some yes yes
25 WERON-DELLIEUX (Système) L:3600
very difficult yes yes no
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