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Trou des Manants - Tilff (No. 15)


Province: Liège
Locality: Tilff
Coordinates: 236.69/139.26/147
Map: 42/5-6
Take motorway Liège-Luxembourg (E25) (direction South). Take exit Beaufays-Cortil. Take right and descend direction Tilff. After 500 m, take small road left that leads to the abandoned dump of Cortil (closed with barrier). Park the car there. Walk down hill, downstream of the dump and follow the bedding of the Chawresse river (very polluted!). Entrance is some 150 m further, left side, at ground level and closed with a steel door.

Discovered in 1969 by SC les Calcites who reached -40 m in unstable boulders. In 1985, C.R.S.L. found the "big" continuation and reached a nice streamway at a depth of -75 m.

The cave is closed and controlled by C.R.S.L. Guided visits are possible but ask it in time! Contact: Alphonse Michaux (tel. +32 4 343.19.29) or Jean Dehan (tel +32 4 343.44.36)

Length: +/- 1600 m Depth: -68 m
Entrance zone is unstable, narrow and complex. Two ways down are possible: one leading to a very dry gallery (-41m) that leads to Salle Blanche (pit +/- 10m) with very white formations (please DO NOT TOUCH THEM!). 20 m further, after another 5 m drop, you arrive in the streamway near the upstream sump. The other way down leads into a wet system of rifts. They lead to a room (Salle du 25?e) with a fixed rope going up. From there an evident gallery goes to a 10 m-drop: Salle du Smog. At the foot of this drop, the passage quickly leads to the beautiful streamway of the "Underground Chawresse", also near the upstream sump. You can follow this streamway over a distance of 80 m, where its sumps.
Since there are two ways down, it is possible to make a roundtrip in the cave.

Normally fixed ropes are in place: always check their condition. If you prefer your own tackle, then you need a 15 m rope in Salle Blanche and a 15 m in Salle du Smog.

Nice cave, with a short but impressive streamway and some very well conserved formations.

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Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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