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Réseau de Fresnes - Lustin (No. 10)


Province: Namur
Locality: Lustin
Coordinates:  186.090/118.855/125m
Map: 47/8
Follow right bank of the river "Meuse", coming from Namur and heading towards Yvoir.  About 100 m after the "Café au Rocher" (= caving pub!), leave the car near the big quarry that you see at your left.  Continue by foot along the road until you arrive at a water-purifying plant (CIBE).  Take a small path at the left that climbs up in the woods and follow for some 200 m.  The entrance is at the left of this path.  It is an artificial and gated entrance.

Originally, the cave, which has no natural entrances,  was cut through by a railroad tunnel!  The two caves that thus were discovered (Resurgence Lucienne and Grotte du Solitaire) were explored as from 1962 by the Société Spéléo de Namur.  Over the years, several big continuations were made by GSCN, Speleo Limburg, but essentially the SSN.  They made a third  artificial entrance in the woods, after the railroad company had decided to electrify the railroad and closed the entrances in the tunnel.  The junction between Solitaire and Lucienne was made in 1987.

Situated on private land.  Closed with a steel door.  Permission is fairly easy to get:  Groupe Spéléo Sambre et Meuse;  Jacques Simus, Rue des Hayettes 17, 5150  Floreffe.    Ask for permission at least 2 months in advance!

Length: 3838 m,  Depth: 78 m
Complex maze of galleries and rooms. Multiple levels.  In the lower level an important river can be followed upstream.  Several sumps can be avoided by taking the upper levels.  Finding your way in this cave is not that difficult if you take a good copy of the survey along; the cave goes pretty straightforward. The new parts (Réseau Jacques Simus) past the ancient terminus (Puits de l'Oppo) are absolutely worth visiting.

RIGGING:Climbing up to the entrance (1987)
In the entrance pitch there is a fixed steel ladder.  All other passages are rigged with fixed handlines.  Normally you don't need any ropes at all.

One of the biggest Belgian Caves.  This is really a great cave to do, because of the variety of passages.  In general progression is not difficult. Some nice formations. A pity that the river is so polluted...(very smelly!).
In the past, it was much more fun to do this cave, since the entrance was in a tunnel of a very busy railroad-line!  One had to sneak into the tunnel at night, perform the 6 m artificial climb up to the entrance in the roof, and hoping that no train would arrive!  One night in 1987, we had 3 trains in a row!  Each time the whole party had to lay flat on the ground, besides the tracks, while the train was thundering above our heads.  And as for the guy that was doing the climb... he could only pray...

SURVEY: Click here to see the survey

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