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Chantoir de la Fosse aux Renards - Weris (No. 09)


Province: Luxembourg
Locality:  Weris (Durbuy)
Coordinates: X=232.330   Y=112.880   Z=300 m
Map: 55/1-2

Coming from Weris, take direction Oppagne. This road intersects the road from Durby to Erezee, but dont drive that far: before you arrive at the crossing,  the cave is at the left of the road, in the bushes just after the last house, about 50 m away from the road. Large sinkhole. Not te be mistaken with other sinkholes in the same bush.  Park the cars along the road and follow the little signs that point to the cave.

Discovered by the C.P.L. in 1966.

The cave is gated and locked with a UBS-padlock. There has been a lot of commotion around the cave these last years, because it was claimed by two different landowners!  One of them brought it to trial, but it was won by the caving federation. So, certainly do not cause any trouble by walking around in the bush, or parking the car at a bad spot etc...!

Length: 380m,  Depth: 58 m
The entrance part of the cave is made out of boulders. Then you arrive in a first room. Follow the obvious way down (several small pitches and steps; no ropes needed) that leads to a narrow and sandy sump (= dig of SC Cueva). On the way up, take first gallery at your right. A few constrictions lead to a beautiful meander, that joins the normal route again, close to the entrance.

No ropes are required.
This cave is not very big, but is certainly worth visiting once.
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