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A tool to convert Text-files to Compass and/or Onstation

The Old DOS-based survey converter has been removed. A new version has been developed under Windows.
Please read the manual before using the tool, otherwise you might be disappointed... converting survey files from one format into another is something that needs some explanation and preparation. And remember input = output. You put a bad survey in, you'll get a bad survey out.

It is based around a special but simple plain text format that I have been using for many years now, to manage surveys of quite big and complex cave systems. I called it the "Avalon Text Format". You are not obliged to use this format (though I recommend it; see the manual for my arguments) but the converter will use it as an intermediate format anyhow.

New in this version is the possibility to read Toporobot TAB files. It is one of the few converters that can handle such files, and possibly the first "bridge" to go from Toporobot to Compass. It might open new worlds for some people who have such files.
I had to work with some Toporobot files I received from friends of mine. The file format was poorly documented which meant some guessing and trial-and-error work. I hope I got everything covered...but I have to admit that I'm not even sure if it will convert everything. Has the fileformat changed recently? Latest Toporobot version is 9.1.7 and I don't even know if the files I've got are version 8 or 9. Well give me some feedback, if it doesn't work! Example given: I just found out about "Topofil" lengths, I haven't covered this yet so it won't work.

What conversions are supported now:

Compass DAT -> Avalon TXT
Toporobot TAB -> Avalon TXT
Visual Topo TRO -> Avalon TXT
Avalon TXT -> Compass DAT
Compass DAT -> Onstation CDI (Old stuff, I know, but still fun to play with)

Once you have your data in Compass DAT, you can easily go to other formats because a lot of other cave surveying programs can read/import native DAT files.

If you come across bugs or errors, please let me know.





This tool will translate one surveyformat to another. Supported formats are Onstation, Compass, Survex, Winkarst, Walls etc...     So if you have Survexfiles, you can also use this tool instead of the Avalon-convertor.  With this difference that the Avalon one support some (non-native Survex) possibilities such as passage dimensions, shot flags or survey sections. topoformaten vertalen!  

Rosettastal was written originally by Taco Van Ieperen (author of Onstation), then abandoned.  Gary Petrie (author of Winkarst) continued the work and made it into a real working program. Download the tool here:




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