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CAVING IN BELGIUM - News about cave accessAccess News

Warning: I am not responsable for the accuracy of this Access News!


Manto-St-Etienne (Ben-Ahin): always closed for bat-protection between 1/10 and 30/3. Accessible between 1/4 en 30/9, but a regular UBS-lock will be present!

Trou de l'Ambre (Eprave):  always closed for bat-protection between 15/10 and 30/4. Open between 1/5 and 14/10.

Trou du Palan (Eprave): always closed for bat-protection between 1/10 and 30/3. Accessible between 1/4 en 30/9, but a regular UBS-lock will be present!



May 2008 - Chantoir de B?on-Ry (Remouchamps): REMINDER! the "Commission Acces et Protection" (UBS/VVS) pays your attention to the fact that you have to ask the landowner for permission when you want to visit the cave. Give the man a call (in French please!): Monsieur Balthasar, tel. 04 / 360.89.68.  You can also pay him a visit the day of your cave trip (10, Hotchamps= the farm at the north of the cave).

28/3/2007: Abime de Beaumont (Esneux-Ham): the city of Esneux has asked to close the cave, this has been done, but the lock is a regular UBS-lock. Don't forget the key when you want to visit the cave.

24/01/2007: Trou Wuinant (Foret-Trooz): thanks to the efforts of CWEPSS and UBS, the cave is again accessible but closed with a regular UBS padlock. Before your visit you *must* inform the conservator of the cave, Pol Xhaard. You can find his coordinates here: http://www.grsc.be/accueil.html
The use of carbid light is no longer allowed.

20/12/2006: Grotte Bebronne (Andrimont) en Trou Wuinant (Foret-Trooz): both caves are CLOSED; they have been acquired by the R?ion Wallonne and closed because of their status as "Cavité d'Int?? Scientifique". The caving community is shocked by the brutal closure of two important classic caves, and will start negotiations in order to regain access.  But meanwhile, you can no longer visit these two caves.

23/10/2006: Trou Ozer (B??c?:  Attention: the landowner asks that, as from October 2006, people do not longer trespass his prairie. The following alternative is proposed: 50 m before the end of the street, there is a small road at the left (sign "cim?i?e). Take this, and then take the first one at the right which also goes to the concrete tower. Both roads are only possible by foot or by off-road vehicles!  See this page for more info.

8/5/2006: Grotte d'Eprave (Eprave): will be closed from 12/6/2006 to 14/7/2006 because of maintenance works.  The footpaths (outside of the cave) will be renewed.

11 oktober 2005: Grotte Pr?istorique (ook: Trou de l'Ambre) te Eprave:  has been classified as a "CSIS" (Cave of Scientific Interest) because of its prehistoric value, but even more because of the bat population.  As from now, the cave will be closed during the hibernation period (from 15th of October till 30th of April each year).  A door has been installed by Plecotus (bat protection group).  Outside the hibernation period, the cave will be freely accessible (though possibly closed with a regular UBS lock) The conservator of the cave is SC Avalon vzw,  who also manages the nearby located Grotte du Bois de Waerimont.

15/6/2004: Trou leCoq (Louveign?:  As from June 1, 2004, Trou le Coq, has been taken over by a "tour-operator" New Life. For information or reservations you must contact "New Life asbl" tel. 080-78 60 58, fax 080-78 57 01. Or you can e-mail them: mailto:info@newlife.be

2/6/2004: Fosse aux Renards (W?is): Again, we have to ask you to avoid this cave because of the ongoing tension between the two persons claiming to be the owner of the cave.  UBS will replace the standard UBS-padlock by a special padlock, in order to limit for the time being all access to the cave. 

17/3/2004: Nou Moulin (Rochefort): Spéléo Club les Fistuleuses and Spéléo Club Rochefortois have made a new upper entrance to the cave, after long and difficult digging work. The entrance is situated right above the Fromage de Gruy?e and offers a new and fun through-trip; or can be used as an escape route in case the cave floods.

8/3/2004: Chantoir de Grandchamps (Louveign?: this story didn't last very long... the Réseau Arcaute, which had been re-opened in September last year, is again totally blocked by flood-debris and mud.

13/2/2004: Try de la Couronne (Dison-Andrimont): this big (600m) and beautiful cave has been sealed off with concrete by the landowner.  Very regrettable. The Commission Protection & Acces has tried to convince the owner to reopen the cave but nog agreement could be made.

13/2/2004: Chantoir d'Adseux (Louveign?: can still be visited but you have to ask permission from the landwoner (= the house nearby).

13/2/2004: Trou de l'Eglise (Mont): the past months there is again a problem because of a severe pollution with dieselfuel. This problem is been going on for decades now. The pollution comes from the nearby Trou Dury who's water enters the Eglise near the bottom of the cave.  Recent water analyses have clearly proven this. UBS/VVS and CWEPSS do their best to investigate this further and hopefully find a solution.   When you visit the Eglise, be prepared... it smells terrible there.

30/11/2003: Grotte de Hohi?e (Aisne): the cave has been gated  by U.B.S. last weekend and locked with a standard UBS-keylock. 

1/11/2003: Manto-St-Etienne: Trou Manto has again been temporarily closed because of protection of hibernating bats between 1 Oct 2003 and 30 March 2004.

1/11/2003 - Enfer-Fissures en Persévérance (Sprimont): after the bad news that both caves would very soon disappear because of the quarrying activities, there is now new hope!  The local caving club CRSOA has reached an agreement with the owner of the quarry, who has promised that the caves would remain accessible. Info: Albert Briffoz, CRSOA

1/10/2003 - Chantoir du Rouge Thiers (Louveign?: as a result of the very dry summer, and digging works by CRSL, the terminal sump of the cave can be passed and the part of the cave behind it can be visited.  This is exceptional; it happens once in 5 years or so! You a need a 10 m rope in this part of the cave. BUT: don't pass the sump but in VERY STABLE weather conditions.... if it starts raining you will most certainly be locked up behind it ... for the next few years!  Info: Philou, CRSL

28/9/2003 - Abime de la Chawresse (Tilff): since 1,5 years the passage, at the foot of the entrance pitch of the Chawresse, which leads to the "Classic" part of the cave, had changed in a "duck" of stinking waste-water and mud  full of worms.   This made to visit to this part of the cave virtually impossible.  SC Avalon has now completely solved the problem by making the passage a lot higher. So, you can visit the Classis Chawresse again without the need for a diving suit and without the risk of being infected with Hepatitis B.

3/9/2003 - Chantoir de Grandchamps (Louveign?: the Réseau Arcaute is again accessible, for the first time in many years.  Thanks goes to the club CRSL for re-opening this part of the cave that features some big rooms and galleries. But be careful: this part of the cave is extremely dangerous in flood. Do not enter it there is water entering the cave AND/OR when the weather is not stable and dry.  Also a warning: in the lower part of the first room, there is a low gallery in which there is not enough oxygen.  Stay out.   Info: Jean Dehan, CRSL

16/6/2003 - Chantoir de B?on-Ry (Remouchamps): heavy rain (summer thunderstorms) have made the entrance collapse totally.  Meanwhile most debris has been cleared by some volunteers but the situation remains unstable.  The old part of the cave is still blocked.  Please be careful, and NEVER enter the cave if you are not 100% sure about the weather conditions. This cave is the sinkhole for a very big area!  Info: JC London (UBS).

4/3/2003 - Chantoir de B?on-Ry (Remouchamps): the "Commission Acces et Protection" (UBS/VVS) pays your attention  to the fact that you have to ask the landowner for permission when you want to visit the cave. Give the man a call (in French please!): Monsieur Balthasar, tel. 04 / 360.89.68.  You can also pay him a visit the day of your cave trip (10, Hotchamps= the farm at the north of the cave).

19/2/2003 - Nou Moulin (Rochefort): A. Defraene of ESB reports that his club has re-installed the steel cable which allows you to escape out of the cave in case the lower levels have flooded.  The cable is situated about 5 metres above the "Benitier".  However, this does not mean that the cave can be safely visited in bad weather conditions: the lowel levels still flood totally and rapidly. 

17/2/2002 - Trou Le Coq (Louveign?: the outdoor centre that hires the cave (PERENTA, Holland) insists that cavers must be discrete (no noise!) when visiting the cave, to keep the peace with the local habitants.  Cavers that are member of a caving federation can visit the cave without costs, but it is necessarry to ask for the permission before your visit: phone to  0031 6 53 94 22 92 or Email to Hub@perenta.nl.

28/1/2003 - Chantoir de Ronsombeux (Ozo): members of Speleo Holland have witnessed a small boulder collapse in the little room (marked nr 4 on the survey) that leads to the lower horizontal level of the cave (marked nr 6 on the survey).  The passage is locally unstable, so take care!  Maybe some experienced diggers can go and have a look and try to stabilize things a bit?  Also, always keep in mind that this cave is located in an area where hunters practise their "sport" regularly... which can lead to dangerous situations.  In the hunting season, the forest and the cave may not be entered on some weekends (locally indicated)

20/11/2002 - Abime de la Chawresse: for several years, sinkholes are being formed near the entrance ; and we have been filling them up systematically. But now the situation is really getting out of hand; there is so much water going down the entrance that it is impossible to visit the cave without being soaked!  If you still want to go down the "classic" way (Puits Dany) then you really should wear a neoprene suit to pass the duck at the foot of the entrance pitch.  But don't forget that you can also go down Réseau Persephone, and then take the "Passage de Noel" (discovered by Avalon, Christmas 2000 -> see our Hotnews) which leads also to the classic part of Chawresse. But this means a very sporting extra half an hour... the price for staying dry!

20/11/2002 - Manto-St-Etienne (Ben-Ahin):  closed between 1 October '02 and 30 March '03 because of hibernating bats.

07/01/2001 - Trou des Soucis (Marenne): Permissions & key must be asked here: Frank Descamps, tel.  084 36 85 50 or gsm 0475 73 01 35.  .

15/10/2001 - Réseau de Fr?es (Lustin):  Permissions can be obtained at one of these addresses:

  1. GSNC, Rue St. Martin 112C, 5000 NAMUR
  2. Jacques Simus, Rue des Hayettes 17, 5150 Floreffe
  3. SSN, Ph. Gamme, Rue de la Trichenne 6, 5300 Bonneville

15/10/2001 - Trou Manto-St-Etienne (Ben Ahin): wille be closed every year, as from October 1st to April 1st!

21/7/2001 - Weron-Dellieux: Today we have finally "desintegrated" the boulder that was blocking the through-trip, near the "SYSTEME D".    So you can do a through-trip again, but the cave has become even more difficult: there is now an extra squeeze!  Don't forget that you need a key for the Dellieux; contact the SC de Belgique.  If you obtain their permission (Richard Grebeude or Yves Dubois) you can obtain the key there, or I can also lend it to you (Paul De Bie, Avalon) .

05/06/2001 - Enfer-Fissures (Sprimont): I have been told dat both entrances have been covered with big boulders by the quarry.  Access is impossible.

05/06/2001 - Laide Fosse (Hamerenne): the entrance has been stabilized and is safe again.

11/05/2001 - Abime de la Chawresse (Tilff): last friday, while surveying, an unstable passage has collapsed just after we had passed it.  We have left a note in place to warn everyone for the danger.   It is the low passage, that gives access tot the Rezo B, when coming from the "Etroiture de la Suppositoire".  We will try to stabilize it next time.    While surveying we have discovered a shunt, but this is hardly any better.

28/04/2001 - Galerie des Sources (Hulsonniaux): some unknown people have taken away an electronic datalogger, which was being used for scientific purposes.  This device is totally unusable without special equipment to read in the data.  The owners would like to have it back!  Please send it, even anonymously, to the VVS or UBS headquarters, or put it back in the cave please.

28/04/2001 - Access to the forests: not so long ago, rumours circulated of a global interdiction of accessing the Walloon forests, because of foot-and-mouth disease risks. However, this has never been officialised.  But be aware of the fact that some cities have indeed forbidden the access to their forests, so it is best to inform you locally.

28/04/2001 - Laide Fosse (Hamerenne): take care, the heavy rains of the past months have de-stabilized the entrance: loose boulders and mud are shifting because of the water.  Recently a team of cavers has got trapped into the cave beacuse of this.  Consolditian works are planned, but only next summer.

28/04/2001 - Grotte Persévérance (Sprimont) it is being told that the cave is no longer rented by the outdoor company "Juventa", and that cave can be freely visited again. However, the nearby quarry is in full activity and is heading towards the cave...

16/03/2001 - Veronika-Chawresse:   Today 15/3  Patrice Dumoulin of the GRSC and Paul De Bie - Avalon did a second attempt to remove the boulder choke that is blocking the  Chawresse-Veronika through-trip for several months now.  After 4 hours of difficult work we got through.  The passage remains dangerous, so it is best avoided time being.  We will stabilize it some more this summer; right now it is nearly impossible to work because of the water. The dangerous passge is situated at the end of Veronika,  in Salle de la Cascatelle.

14/03/2001 - Fosse-aux-Renards: The cave is still closed, because of digging works by SC SC Cueva.

03/02/2001 - Trou du Palan (Eprave): this cave has been closed, to protect the bats that live there.  The closure is only temporarily, the cave will be re-opened in the springtime.  

03/02/2001 - Enfer-Fissures: Caving club Hades has relocated the Fissures, but the situation is becoming very urgent. The quarry has nearly covered up the entrance.  We have asked UBS and CWEPSS to take their responsibility an try to prevent this cave from becoming totally blocked by debris and rocks.

23/01/2001 - Weron-Dellieux: the trough-trip is not possible for the moment. A big boulder has blocked the way on, just below the "Système D". Avalon will try to fix the problem as soon as possible (a matter of weeks, or a few months?)

22/01/2001 - Enfer -Fissures: we have made 4 attempts these last months, to locate at least one of the two entrances.    But the quarry is in full activity, and we fear that both caves have been totally covered by rocks. This would be a real loss, since this is a big cave system and a fun one!  If you have more news, please mail me so I can keep everyone informed through these pages.

22/01/2001 - Veronika-Chawresse: the junction is totally sealed off, by an important boulder collapse at the end of Veronika.  It looks bad, and won't be easy to fix (own observation).  So making the trough-trip is NOT POSSIBLE anymore.

26/10/2000 - Beron-Ry (Remouchamps): Be very careful when visiting the cave.  The river now disappears into the entrance itself; which considerably increases the risk of getting blocked in the cave when it starts raining outside!   Also, earth and boulders around and above the entrance have shifted and have become very loose.  In the forthcoming months, the entrance will be consolidated.  Meanwhile, take care!!!

26/10/2000 - Fosse-aux-Renards (Weris): as mentioned earlier in this News, the cave has been temporarily closed.  This closure would be untill the end of January 2001.

26/10/2000 - Trou qui Fume (Furfooz):  after the publication  in "l'Echo de l'Egout" about the re-opening of the cave by CWEPSS,  some people thought that they already could visit it again. This is not the case yet!  But, and this is the good news, at long term it should become possible again to visit it, under certain conditions.   Keep in mind that the access to the cave has been forbidden for many years now, by the direction of the Furfooz Park.

10/10/2000 - Fosse aux Renards (Weris): the cave has been temporarily closed, because of digging works that are going on


SEPT 2000

* Beron-Ry (Remouchamps):
We are lucky!  The entrance has been re-opened.  It is correct that the landowner has expressed the wish to be informed of every visit.  How this will be done has not been figured out yet.  So, in the mean time, it is better to avoid the cave.  If you do visit the cave, and you meet the owner, then please: no discussion; don't create any conflict, just go an do some other cave!

AUG 2000

* Beron-Ry (Remouchamps):
Very bad news... we have heared that the landowner has closed the entrance of the cave and no longer gives permission to access it! Since the cave is one of the biggest discoveries of the past 10 years, this is a very sad evolution.  We will check this news a.s.a.p. and we will keep you informed here!

MAY 2000

* Chawresse-Veronika
I have been told that the junction between the two caves has again collapsed.  The through-trip should be impossible.  This news is still not confirmed by other cavers.

* Chantoir de Ronsombeux - Grotte aux Contrastes (Durbuy)
There still plenty of time, I know, but keep already in mind that the caves cannot be visited on  8 & 21 October and 12 November, since there will be a hunt going on in the valley of Pont-le-Pretre where the cave are located (info Henk Theunissen)

APRIL 2000
* Trou d'Haquin (Lustin) is not accessible on April, 2 2000 since the Speleo Secours (Cave Rescue) will use the cave for a rescue exercise.

MAART 2000
* Trou Lecoq (Louveign?: The "Troglodieten" reported me that the (temporary) sump of the cave is completeley blocked by mud and debris.  The galleries that SC Avalon discovered some years ago behin dthis sump, are no longer accessible.

* Grotte de Bohon (Durbuy): still not accessible: located on a private property and  gated!  The cave is being used by a local "outdoor-centrer".   The cave has however been classified in a forced way by the government because of its scientific interest (bat colony) and in the future the abuse of the cave should be halted.

* Grotte Alexandre (Lustin): the situation has not been clarified yet..

*Fosse aux Renards (W?is): the cave can be visited (time being) again, but it is not allowed to guide groups of debutants around!  Warning: the cave is closed with a UBS-door and lock!  Don't forget your key.

* Trou du Chien (Anseremme): has been recently vandalized: a nicely decorated room has been devastated.  If you have any indications or informations about this: please contact the VVS, UBS or me.

* Chantoir de KIN (Aywaille): the gate now has an UBS-lock.  Please be dicrete when visiting this cave, don't go in big numbers there.  Be also careful since this cave is VERY flood-prone!

 DEC 1999
* Grotte du Chafour (Theux): it is now the UBS who manages this cave, at the demand of the landowner. It has been closed with a special lock.  Permission to visit has to be asked at the UBS.  A detailed reglementation can be found in the UBS-Info nr. 132 (Dec 1999).

OCT 1999
* Chawresse-Veronika (Tilff): the through-trip is  possible again, thanks to the good work of Speleoclub Nooit te Smal and others who removed the collapse (again).  Thanks a lot guys, and let's hope that it will not re-collapse too soon.

* Trou Manto (Ben Ahin): do not visit this cave during the months of october and november, because nearly every weekend they are hunting in the woods then.  The access to the woods is forbidden on hunting days.

SEPT 1999
* Grotte Alexandre (Lustin): since "Café au Rocher" is closed (due to bankrupt?) one can not visit the case (situated behind the house).

* Trou Lecoq (Louveign?: the neighbours have complained about indiscrete and noisy cavers AT NIGHT. The U.B.S. asks that every caver should behave himself properly and asks also to avoid nightly caving in caves that are situated close to urban areas. Would you like to be disturbed in your sleep by a bunch of cavers?   Please be also reminded that this cave is controlled by a commercial caving organisation that is so kind to (still) permit the access of the cave to us, cavers.

* Réseau de Fresnes (Lustin): rumours go that the access is AGAIN controlled by the S.S.N., through another and more recent access!  If you want to do the cave (which is closed anyway) then inform yourself at both the clubs that claim to control the access:  S.S.N. (Gerald Fanuel) and G.S.S.M. (Jacques Simus).

MAY 1999
* Abime de Lesves (Profondeville):   SC Cascade has checked it: there seems to be NO problem to visit the underground river. Thanks!

MARCH 1999
* Abime de Lesves (Profondeville):   We have been informed that the river at the bottom of the big pitch (Grand Puits) can no longer be visited due to a mud obstruction, caused by recent floods. It would be interesting to know if this situation will solve by itself in the next weeks.

* Bois de Waerimont (Eprave): SC Avalon likes to outline again that only they are "managing" the Grotte du Bois de Waerimont.  This and some other conditions are stipulated in a contract between  SC Avalon and SC Persephone.   SC Avalon  has also adopted this cave, by means of an Adoption Contract with the Union Belge de Spéléologie.
Visits by other clubs will be possible as soon the exploration is finished. This can take quite a while, we hope by the end of 1999, if not 2000? We surely have the intention to provide the possibility to visit the cave, but only on request and guided by us. Meanwhile we will try to organize a visit during "special occasions" such as the "Speleological Days" in September of 1999.   A procedure to classifie this cave as a "cave of scientific interest" is running; the city of Rochefort has just signed a convention for this and know the file is following it's long and bureaucratic way on...

* Enfer-Fissures (Sprimont): the entrance has become very dangerous (risc of boulder collapse). Take care when visiting this cave!

* Abime de la Chawresse (Tilff): Speleo Holland has noticed that the junction Chawresse-Veronika has collapsed again!

* Grotte du Malacord (Ferrières): This cave, actually in exploration by speleoclub Nooit te Smal, is strictly forbidden. The cave is situated in a garage (private property). As a result of illegal visits by some other cavers, the owner now has banned access to the exploring club also! So please: stay away. Let's hope that NTS can regain the access soon.

* Abime du Fourneau (Sinsin): the Walloon Caving Federation UBS has started negociations with the owners of this once very popular cave, in the hope to regain the access to the cave. Fingers crossed!

JUNE 1998
* Fosse aux Renards (Weris): The U.B.S has won the trial and regained the access over the cave. You can visit it again! But it is strictly forbidden to guide groups of novices around. Also one is asked to park the cars correctly; to be discrete and to follow the path to the cave that is marked with small signs.  Dond't forget your UBS-key!

* Chantoir de KIN (Aywaille): the controlling club (CASA) has repaired the gate and has put a padlock on it (their own!).  At long term, this could well become a UBS-padlock, but first access conditions have to be negociated with the landowners. So meanwhile you will have to ask permission to CASA Aywaille: contact:  Michel Andrien, tel . 04/253 52 45

* Grotte Alexandre (Lustin): the owner, Outward Bound School, warns that this cave can only be visited after having obtained the permission, given by "Outward Bound School, Kapucijnenvoer 217, 3000  LEUVEN, tel. 016/23 51 72  fax. 016/29 03 09", and after having paid the follwing tarifs:
- commercial organisations (touroperators): 400 BF per person (guides+guests)
- caving clubs, during the WEEK: 200 BF per person (guides + guests)
- caving clubs or private persons during the W.E.: 100 BF per person (guides + guests)
(I now ask myself: who will pay this, just for visiting this small muddy hole, knowing that he will only make a "touroperator" richer??!)

* Galerie des Sources:the UBS-lock (worn out!) was taken away for revision and will be replaced by a new one.

* The UBS has started negotiations to regain access to the Abime du Fourneau, that was closed 10 years agoby the owner.  Fingers crossed!

* The project to legally classify a series of caves as a "Cave of Scientific Interest" is nearly finished. A first series of 18 caves has been fixed; all owners have given their permissions. All the administrative work is being done by the "CWEPSS" (Centre de Wallon de l'Etude et Protection des Sites Souterraines), that was designed by the Walloon government.  Of course in collaboration with the caving community: U.B.S. or the inventors of the cave.
Access regulations will be fixed by the committees that will be established for everyone of these caves.
Here's the list of caves: Grotte de Brialmont (Tilff) Grotte de Claminforge (Falisolle) Trou Manto (Ben-Ahin) Chantoir de Grandchamps (Louveign? Chantoir d'Adzeux (Louveign? Grotte de Fontaine de Rivire (Hamoir) Trou Ozer (B?erc?Grotte de Moneuse (Roisin) Grotte de Freyr (Waulsort)Grotte Margaux (Falmignoul)Trott-aux-Fosses (Waha)Grotte de Bohon (Barvaux)Diaclase de Torgny (Torgny)Grotte des Surdents (Andrimont)Grotte de l'Agouloir (Chatelet)Puits des Vaux (Furfooz)Trou qui Fume (Furfooz)Grotte des Emotions (Ferrieres)

Such a classification can be done for different reasons, such as: presence of bats, hydrological interest, minerals (flowstone, cristallisations), archeological interest etc.
It doesn't mean that the cave will become inaccessible to the caving community!  This depends of the nature of the classification.  Often the cave will be even better managed or supervised than before, and will be legally protected for many decades. Let's wait and see if this isd a good thing for us or not!

MARCH 1998
* Trou Quenon (Hasti?e) is, since 1/1/98, being hired by the Equipe Speleo of Bruxelles.  Because of works that have been ordered by the owner, the cave is actually closed and not accessible. For all inquiries address to the  ESB, Chauss? de Haecht 147, 1030 Bruxelles.
UBS-Info 120

* Reseau de Fresnes (Resurgence Lucienne, Lustin):  Permissions for this closed cave are no longer to be asked at the S.S.N., but at a new club "Groupe Spéléo Sambre et Meuse". This is the address: Jacques Simus, Rue des Hayettes 17, 5150  Floreffe, Belgium.
More News about this cave (thanks to Francis Bauwens, SC Cascade): permissions are only given for SUNDAYS.  Please add a stamp to your lettre, this is required to get a response.

*Trou du Hibou (Aywaille): SC Hades Aalst has told us that the entrance is actually closed by a gate that the owner has put there to prevent further pollution of the cave.  The cave seems to be inaccessible now; even the managing club (CASA) does not have access anymore.

* Trou des Manants (Tilff): the entrance has collapsed completely. The club "CRSL" (original discoverers) has announced that it will wait untill Spring before trying to re-open the cave (source: UBS-Info 118, Jan '98)

* Chantoir de Grandchamps:  The "Arcaute Series" have been re-opened by the club "CRSL" ,after they  had been closed (due to regular flooding) for 10 years .  BUT! This part of the cave is very sensitive to flooding and all visitors must take extreme care!  A dam has been made to keep water and sediments out of the re-opened passage; please don't damage it.
SC Avalon has done, together with CRSL, some radiolocations with a Molephone to find out if an artificial entrance could be made.  Unfortunately, more than 20 m of rock seperates the cave from the surface...

* Trou des Soucis in Marenne is owned by a person called Frank Descamps. Phone: +32(09) 2271376.   Caving club Spekul has nothing to do with this!

* Trou de l'Eglise: the door has been fixed: an arrangement has been made to secure the door when she is in a vertical position.  Anyone who is still able to drop the door on his head, is either clumsy or just has a lot of bad luck.

* Trou Manto+St. Etienne (Ben-Ahin) may no longer be use as "inititation-caves".  NO MORE GUIDING GROUPS AROUND! The cave will also be closed during wintermonths in a nearby future.  This decision was made by the "R?ion Wallonne" to protect a small bat-colony in the cave.

* Fosse aux Renards (Weris): the UBS has won the trial that was going on about the access rights to this cave (there were 2 so-called owners of this (one) cave).  But cavers are asked to patience some more and not to visit the cave yet.

* Trou de l'Eglise: attention: the steel lid of the door can't be fixed anymore in a vertical position. There is a severe risk of the lid falling down suddenly when climbing in or out of the cave.  This could cost you or your guests a couple of fingers or crack a skull!  This should be fixed soon by the UBS, but meanwhile take care and warn everyone in the party!

* Ab?e de Fourneau & Trou du Renard (Sinsin): negotiations have started again about regaining access to these caves that are closed for 5 years now.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

* Trou des N?ons (Bois-de-Villers) (= NOT Ab?e de Lesves !): the owner (Compagnie des Eaux) has agreed to give access to cavers ... ONCE per year.  Since this is virtually a total access interdiction, UBS will try to negotiate better conditions.

* Puits-aux-Lampes (Jemelle): recently the UBS published that the door of this cave was now equipped with a "UBS-lock".  This seems however not yet realized: it is still a "private" lock that belongs to the SC de Gerny.  You still need to contact this club prior to visiting the cave.

Contacteer/contact us:  SC Avalon vzw
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