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Chantoir du ROUGE-THIERS  - Louveign? (No. 22)


Province: LIEGEIn the river, just before the final sump
Locality: Louveign?br> Coordinates: X=246,83   Y=134,62   Z=230
Map: 49/3-4
Two kilometres S-E of Adseux, near the entrance of the local Camping, a small river (Griry) disappears into a big sinkhole.   It is situated just besides the swimming pool of the camping. 

The cave was already mentioned in a book in 1899  by Rahir.  Around 1967 a new part was found, after the terminal sump of the cave.  No important discoveries have been made since then.  In the 1990-ties several weekends of digging were necessary to remove tons of debris and sediment that completely filled up the lower levels of the cave, as a result of  heavy floods.

One must take care not to disturb the people on the camping.  Please park your car out of sight!   The way to the cave has been marked with arrows by the U.B.S.  Follow the river bank, do not walk over the grass besides the swimming pool.

Length: 440 m,  Depth: 65 m
Only a few metres in the cave, you must decide which part of the cave you want to visit! 

  • Straight on:  after 30 m. the roof lowers and you must pass a narrow crawl (sometimes very wet!) that leads to a very big gallery.  This gallery (section 5x10m) descends rather steeply.  At -55m you arrive in a room (Salle de la Cascade) where the cave makes a sudden turn South.   In this room, several rivers join up and finally disappear into a sump.  In extremely dry conditions, this sump can be passed.  Another 125m of gallery can then be visited until a second sump which has never been passed.
  • First gallery on the left: this way you enter a very sporting series of deep rifts, very spectacular in wet conditions.   You first meet a 5 metre high waterfall that you must traverse high in the roof for at least 10 m.  until you can step off .   The next pitch, also about 5 m. deep, can easily be shunted via a lateral passage.  You then arrive in a high gallery.  Near the end of it, there are two different ways that both lead to the big, main gallery and join it at -30 and -45 m, allowing a "through-trip" from one entrance of the cave to the other..   The first way is at the left through a series of small rifts where the water can sometimes be very deep.  The second way is at the right, first  through a low, wet passage and then by climbing about 15 metres higher.  But, it is very well possible that both passages are blocked by sediment, despite a lot of work some years ago to clear them again.

- First P5: 15 m of rope.  You can traverse it or go straight down. 

- Second P5: can be shunted

This cave is very spectacular in wet conditions, but don't take any risks:  if the weather is too bad, don't enter the cave!  It can flood totally.

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