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Trou OZER - Pepinster (No. 18) 


Province: LIEGE
Locality:  B??c?(Chodes)
Coordinates: 268,80 / 126,80  / 458m
Map: 50/5

In Malm?y, take direction Robertville.  Not far after you have left Malm?y (+/- 1 km), turn left, direction "Chodes".  There is a sign indicating a holiday parc.   The road climbs and arrives at the holiday parc (camping).  There, take right into a dead ending street.

 Park the car near the end of that street, taking care not to disturb the owners of a house that is situated near the end of the street.  At the right of the house, there is a gate that gives entrance to a long prairie.  When looking in North-East direction, you will see (if the weather is clear...) the summit of a big, concrete water tower, about 500 m. away.  Go through the prairies and head towards the tower. 

Attention: the landowner asks that, as from October 2006, people do not longer trespass his prairie. The following alternative is proposed: 50 m before the end of the street, there is a small road at the left (sign "cim?i?e). Take this, and then take the first one at the right which also goes to the concrete tower. Both roads are only possible by foot or by off-road vehicles!

The cave entrance is max. 15 m away from the base of the tower, and max. 7 m lower.   It is closed with a big, steel door, horizontally to the bottom. 
This cave is situated at very high altitude (458m), unique for Belgian caves.

Bottom of the 35 m-Pitch (picture by Luiz Alvares, SC Lux)The cave was explored for the first time in april 1968 (Courtois, Heinen & Ozer).  They arrived at the bottom of the cave (-66m).  In 1989, the caving club "C.L.A.P" found 150 m of new passages, in what they later called the "R├ęseau 89".   It is in this part that the G.S.C.D. and CASA found in 1991 a vertical rift, giving access to a new,  important part of the cave (>200 m).

Cave closed  with a steel door and UBS-padlock.

Length: +/- 500m,  Depth:  65m

Pebbles everywhere!  (picture by Luiz Alvares, SC Lux)A visit to this cave is unforgettable!  It is unique in Europe, because it has been formed in the so-called "Poudinghue de Malm?y". This pudding-rock is formed by round polished psammite pebbles (up to 40 cm in diametre!), incrusted in limestone.  Thanks to the limestone, a cave has been formed, but the walls, ceiling and floor consists out of thousands of pebbles in all possible sizes.

The cave starts with a muddy pitch, about 5 metres deep. It leads to a balcony, dominating a spectacular 25 m drop (Salle Pascale). At the foot of it, an 8 metre pitch (Puits Courtois) offers two possibilities:

a) straight down, leading to the original part of the cave (the Metro, a big gallery)

b) traversing near the top of the pitch, into a rift that climbs up again rather steeply (at your left, when looking into the pitch).

Crawl up the rift, about 10 metres higher you reach the highest point.  Then you descent again, in a very steep and narrow pitch.  Attach your rope to one of the iron things (you'll see what I mean!).  About 5 m lower, you can go down a narrow hole (YOU MUST USE A ROPE! )  in the floor (at your right, looking down the pitch) that dominates the 35 metre pitch below it.

Another possibility (but more difficult to find) is to follow the rift, and then through some kind of slalom in the pretty narrow passage, you can find another access to the head of the P35 (Puits Gyser).

The 35m pitch is, of course, a rift, about 60 to 100 cm wide.  At the bottom, you'll arrive in some big and impressive passages, again high rifts, that you can follow for several hundreds of metres.   Pebbles everywhere!  Some nice flowstone as well, please don't make it muddy.

RIGGING:Pebbles, covered by flowstone  (picture by Luiz Alvares, SC Lux)
In the past, this was pretty difficult!  One needed a lot of inspiration to rig the cave.  There was a chronicle lack of belays, and natural belays are nearly inexistent. 

In 2004, the cave has been entirely rigged with fixed P-hangers ("broches") by the UBS.  Rigging has become a piece of cake.

P5 (Entrance) and P25 (Pascale): 45 m rope

P8 (Courtois) and traverse into rift: 25 m rope

P35 (Gyser): 45 m rope

Take at least 15 carabiners , and a few slings/dyneema's as well.

This cave is a must.  You will probably never see anything like it again.

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